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Parish Office

(425) 391-1178 : Telephone Number 
(425) 391-3797 : Fax Number 
[email protected] : General email 

Updated May 20, 2021:

OFFICE AVAILABILITY: Someone from the MQP staff  is here answering phones during regular business hours, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you are at MQP during office hours and need help from a staff member, please ring the doorbell next to the main office door.

Priest Administrator
   Fr. Chad Green
   [email protected], x115

   Deacon Jack Luz
   [email protected]

   Deacon Felix Maguire
   [email protected]

   Deacon Marco Alban
   [email protected]

   Deacon Michael Cantu
   [email protected]

Parish Administrator
   Rich Shively
   [email protected], x111

Adult Education Ministry
   Zoltan Abraham
   [email protected], x117

   Chelsea Smith
   [email protected], x114

Youth Confirmation
   Call Office ext. 136
   [email protected]

Youth Ministry
   Nathan Scott
   [email protected], x129

Children & Family Evangelization

   Marissa Schulz
   [email protected], x129

Joyful Discovery Preschool Director
   Lindsay Meyer

   [email protected], x122
Joyful Discovery Preschool Director
   Laura Senenko

   [email protected], x122

Liturgical Music Director 
   David Yackley
   [email protected], x133

   Julianna Castro
   [email protected], x124

Administrative Asst./Pastoral Care 
   Karen Hauser 
   [email protected] or [email protected], x113

Admin. Asst./Parishioner Records
   Patrice Cox

   [email protected], x110

Admin. Asst./Sacramental Records/Facility Usage
   Barbi Boos
   [email protected], x118

Admin. Asst./Children & Family - Communications
  Ana Maria Nino
   [email protected] or [email protected] , x119

Admin. Asst./Youth Ministry and Adult Faith Formation
   Amy Wells

   [email protected], x136

   Linda Liaw

   [email protected], x125

Facility Maintenance
  Michael Leiper

   [email protected], x134

Bulletin Announcements
   [email protected]

To RSVP for an event
   [email protected]

To Reserve a Room
   [email protected]


  [email protected]