Marriage Resources

MQP is committed to preserving and strengthening marriages. We periodically offer Marriage Enrichment workshops and retreats. We also encourage you to take advantage of the programs offered by World Wide Marriage Encounter.  


If you are planning to get married, please contact Zoltan Abraham six months prior to your desired wedding date.  Our marriage preparation program has the following components:

Establishing Freedom to Marry: 
♦ If either party has been married before, either in a church or in a civil ceremony, the previous marriage will have to be annulled before the wedding can proceed. Couples should not set a wedding date until the annulment process is complete.    

♦ Complete FOCCUS personality assessment and the Living Your Strengths assessment. 
♦ Complete the Evenings for the Engaged program.   

Selecting a Witness:
♦ You will need to find a witness for both the bride and the groom. The witness does not necessarily need to be a Catholic, but should be an adult who is able to witness the wedding and can attest to your freedom to marry.  

♦ Individual interview with both bride and groom. 
♦ Individual interview with each witness.   

♦ For Catholic party or parties: A baptismal certificate issued by the parish of your baptism within the last six months, complete with the section called “Notation.” 
♦ For non-Catholic baptized party (if applicable): A baptismal certificate. If you are not able to provide a baptismal certificate, contact us about the possibility of providing another acceptable proof of baptism. 
♦ If a previous marriage has been annulled, a copy of the decree of nullity will need to be presented. 
♦ If either party has been married to someone who has passed away, a death certificate will need to be presented. 


Please contact Zoltan Abraham at [email protected] or 425.391.1178, ext. 117 for more information.