Domestic Violence Help

Love Shouldn't Hurt

Domestic violence affects women of every social, educational, economic, religious, and ethnic background. Though some men are also targets of domestic violence, most of the victims are women. Domestic violence is a pattern of verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse. The abusive behavior increases over time in intensity and frequency. The abuse can result in death or permanent injury. Children who witness domestic violence are also at great risk of developing psychological problems or becoming abusers themselves, when they grow up.

Some Signs of Domestic Violence

Does your partner: 

  • Try to control what you do, where you go, who you meet or talk with?
  • Frequently criticize you, in private and in public?
  • Try to control your access to money and other resources?
  • Destroy your possessions?
  • Threaten you, your loved ones, or your pets to get you to comply with his wishes?
  • Pressure or force you to be intimate at times and in ways you do not want to? 

Domestic Violence is a Crime. If you are being abused, get help now.

Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-562-6025

Eastside DV Hotline: 1-800-827-8840 or 425-746-1940

To Do and NOT to Do

If you suspect that someone is being abused


  • Call 911 if an assault is taking place
  • Provide nonjudgmental emotional support
  • Offer transportation, child care, or help with other resources
  • Tell the victim about ways in which she can seek help.

Do Not 

  • Tell the victim that the abuse is her fault
  • Tell the victim that her suffering is the will of God
  • Tell the abuser where the victim is, if she has fled from home.