MQP for ME - Parish Covenant of Expectations

In an effort to grow engagement at Mary, Queen of Peace Parish, the Engaged Church Committee hosted 25 focus groups. These focus groups were the next step in the process begun in March of 2011 with the ME25 survey on Member Engagement. During these group sessions parishioners were asked for their thoughts and opinions on one of the 12 Keys to Engagement, “As a member of my parish, I know what is expected of me.” In addition to the statements recorded during the focus groups, the parish also received written feedback to this statement. All of this data was gathered, then compiled and analyzed by parishioner and Engaged Church Committee member Michelle Silbernagel; Michelle has a Master’s degree in Sociology. A writing subcommittee then took her analyses and crafted a parish covenant of expectations. This covenant which can be viewed below includes what parishioners can expect from the parish and what the parish expects of its members.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ and parishioner of Mary, Queen of Peace Church, I expect my parish to:

  • Offer celebrations of the Eucharist and other sacramental rites of the Catholic Church for the spiritual growth of all who worship here.
  • Provide educational opportunities for parishioners of all ages, to grow in love and understanding of the Catholic faith, and nurture each ones unique gifts and strengths.
  • Foster a welcoming spirit and a safe environment for all who come to Mary, Queen of Peace.
  • Be available to parishioners seeking spiritual discernment and assistance in times of physical, emotional and spiritual need.
  • Promote encourage and provide, opportunities for parishioners to build and celebrate the bonds of community and fellowship at Mary, Queen of Peace.
  • Communicate in a consistent and timely fashion with parishioners through the various media used by the parish.
  • Be considerate and faithful stewards of parishioners’ time, talent and treasure. 


As a disciple of Jesus Christ and parishioner of Mary, Queen of Peace Church, I am expected to:

  • Be present and actively engaged at Sunday Mass and on Holy Days of Obligation.
  • Actively participate in faith formation opportunities in order to continue growing in an understanding and love of the Catholic faith.
  • Do my part to foster a spirit of hospitality at Mary, Queen of Peace so that all might feel truly welcomed.
  • Pray for the spiritual and temporal needs of the pastor, staff, parishioners and households of Mary, Queen of Peace, as well as for the needs of our local community and the world.  
  • Stay informed about liturgies, faith formation and other activities and events through the various media used by the parish.
  • Practice Stewardship of Time and Talent by developing and living my unique strengths and gifts in at least one area of ministry.
  • Participate in Stewardship of Treasure by sharing a portion of my financial resources with Mary, Queen of Peace as a sign of my gratitude to God and support for the life and mission of the parish.