Staff Directory


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(425) 391-3797 : FAX Number : General email 

   Rev. Kevin Duggan, x115
Weekend Assistant

   Deacon Jack Luz
Parish Administrator
   Rich Shively, x111
Adult Education Ministry
   Zoltan Abraham, x117
Senior High Youth Minister
   Chelsea Madura Smith, x114
   Chelsea Madura, x114
Junior High Youth Minister
   Kelsie Mattingly, x129
Children & Family Evangelization
  Jennie Caldwell, x129
Joyful Discovery Preschool Director
Jen Belding, x122
Joyful Discovery Preschool Director
Laura Senenko, x122
   Kathi Rowley, x120
Liturgical Music Director 
   David Yackley, x133
   Julianna Castro, x124
Administrative Asst./Pastoral Care 
   Karen Hauser or x113
Admin. Asst./Parishioner Records
Patrice Cox, x110
Admin. Asst./Sacramental Records/Facility Usage
   Barbi Boos, x118
Admin. Asst.
   Lee Hansen, x110
Admin. Asst./Children & Family
  Anna Maria Nino, x119
Admin.Asst./ANCHOR and Edge
Marissa Schulz, x136
Admin. Asst./Joyful Discovery Preschool
   Lindsay Meyer, x119
Linda Liaw, x125
Facility Maintenance
George Christman, x134
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